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Taking back Sunday.

Sunday. For the first 6 years of our business we were closed on Sunday. As the business grew, so did the demand to be open 7 days a week. It was Super Bowl Sunday 3 years ago that we opened on Sunday and continued to do so every week. At first we thought it was the greatest thing. Wow! Look at us go, open 7 days a week! And then this year it hit us, we were so busy making a living that we had not made a life.

So you may be wondering who the “we” is that I keep mentioning. “We” are the owners of East End Eatery: Mary, Eric, Rachel, and Dave. “We” also happen to be a family, Mary and Eric are fondly known as Mom and Dad, Rachel is the youngest daughter (also the one writing this blog!), and Dave is Rachel’s husband. Being that East End is a family owned and operated restaurant, we found our family time was at an all time low. We were lucky if we saw each other on Holidays but other than that, the only quality time we had was at work! This just wasn’t going to cut the mustard for the long run. And there you have the decision to close on Sundays.

Sundays were a very busy day for the restaurant, we did not make this very difficult decision because it was not beneficial to the business. We made this decision because we are taking back our Sunday and we encourage all families to do the same. In this day and age our everyday lives are jam packed, always in a hurry, constantly juggling work, school, family, recreation, etc. We have sacrificed a lucrative day of business to be able to spend time together as a family and we can only hope that it inspires you to do the same. There are very few things in life as precious as family.

We truly hope that you understand and respect our decision. The support we have received thus far has been heart warming to say the least. A big huge Thank You to all of our loyal customers, over the years you have become our extended family and without you we wouldn’t love coming to work as much as we do!

Warm Autumn Greetings from our Family to yours 🙂



We will still be open for Super Bowl Sunday!

About the Author
Rachel Dutra is co-owner and operator of East End Eatery in Glens Falls, NY. She runs the restaurant with her parents and husband.